10 Best Places To Live In

These are the 10 best places to live in.

While coming to choose to migrate or to find a perfect place to enjoy your vacation, it all seems to be quite laggy when you have to choose from 100’s of countries, Well we sorted out some of the countries you might wanna consider.

These are the Top 10 we have got for you.

10. Canada

  •  Canada’s crime rates are so low that Canada is rated 9.7 out of 10 for safety.
  •  Canada lookup more on education than other countries.
  •  Canada has a strong and stable economy, with lots of opportunities for skilled workers.
  •  Canada is ranked as the second-best place to startup a business.
  •  Canada has the most stable banking system in the world.
  •  Canada has the second highest standard of living.
  • Canada has a low annual expenditure, which means you and your family can benefit from reasonable cost of living.
  •  More than 250k new permanent residents come to Canada country each year. Canada’s government invests millions of dollars every year to help these newcomers settle into their new lives in Canada, and they ensure that all newcomers can lead a high quality of life.

9. Iceland

  •  University education is cheap. Students do not pay for tuition, but just a registration fees. 
  •  Iceland effectively has a 100% literacy rate.
  •  Nearly all teenagers take part in summer work projects in their towns, doing things like planting flower displays, weeding or litterpicking. The idea is to give them an easy job to do which they are paid a small wage for, but more importantly instill a sense of pride in them about where they live. I can think of many places that could do with such projects!
  • Iceland doesn’t have any crimes and is considered to be one of the safest country to live in.
  •  Iceland tops world polls for having the happiest population and the workers create a good amount of money.


8. Ireland 

  •  The cost of living is low , but in some parts the rents are out of control, but now outside Dublin and the other main cities, you can live cheaply enough.
  • The weather is so nice to live in.
  • The crime rate is pretty low and Is of the safest place to live in.
  • Home to the best golf and best golfer in the world.
  • Jobs in Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter.Most of the European HQ’S are in Ireland.

7. Netherlands

  • A great range of luxury holidays in the Netherlands and a large amount of visitors each year, it’s not surprising that they’ve got it right, in terms of accommodation.
  • Great choice of food, including international cuisines.
  • No traffic jams, no hunting for a parking spot and no guilt about CO2 emissions.
  • The Netherlands may be small, but it’s full of fresh opportunities.The government also helps small businesses to grow by simplifying bureaucracy, offering tax breaks and continuously updating government policies.
  • Maybe the acceptance of “craziness” explains why expats stay so long in the Netherlands: it’s a place where you can be yourself.
  • Living will cost you around €700 and €1,000/month

6. Singapore

  • With an equatorial, humid climate, Singapore offers a unique climate that is easy to live in all year round.

  • The cost of living in Singapore may seem daunting at first glance.Singapore offers the highest standard of living in South East Asia, and is reasonably priced when you take into account your higher disposable income.And once you are off the beaten tourist pathways, food, clothing, and just about everything remarkably drops to extremely reasonable levels.
  • Singapore is on the cutting edge of technology, implementing new technology and ideas with ease due to their intelligently designed infrastructure. Nowhere else in the world even comes close.
  • Singapore provides the complete spectrum of medical services from primary care, to health screening, to quaternary care services such as organ transplants. In general, pay and conditions are excellent.

5. Denmark

  • Denmark is known for rainy days and the climate is considerably great.
  • Universities are 100% FREE to attend and are absolutely beautiful.
  • Hospitals,Medical Checkups and operations are free as well.
  • The cost of living is a bit expensive than in other countries.
  • Fair judicial system.

4. Germany

  • Low cost of living.
  • In Germany, public holidays do not count towards your annual legal leave. And some regions are extremely generous with public holidays.
  • Germany has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in Europe.
  • It is easier to get a job in Germany than in almost any other Western country.
  • Germany’s motorways have no speed limit.
  • Annual living costs in Germany are around €9,600.
  • The education is cost free, this means the education is free and even if there is any carved frees it will be so low.

3. Switzerland

  • The standard of living is one of the highest in the world.
  • The Swiss have one of the highest life expectancies in the world.
  • Swiss wages are pretty high and Tex pay is really low.
  • Almost free education even during undergrad studies.
  • Clean smog-free air and beautiful mountains and landscape.
  • Switzerland has one of the best educational systems in the world.
  • If you are active and enjoy sports, Switzerland could be the country for you.
  • Life in Swiss is calm and the country is often voted one of the safest countries to live and raise a family in Europe.

2. Australia

  • Australia has one of the lowest air pollution levels in the world.
  • Australia has a large variety of beautiful natural ecosystems.
  • Australia has the lowest population density of any continent in the world with only 6.4 people per square mile.
  • Australia has a temperate climate with mild weather all year round and more than its fair share of sunshine.
  • Australia has one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world
  • Australia is a good place to find a new job.
  • Australia is such a vast country that you can spend all your holidays exploring it. Domestic travel has it all from rainforests, beaches, to ski-resorts and stunning ancient landscapes.
  • Australia has a great number of study options for international students with more than 1,200 institutions and 22,000 courses to choose from. Australia has the third highest number of international students.

1. Norway

  • Norway is famous for its family-friendly policies.
  • Norway’s banks have great online services.

  • Norway’s healthcare is in the top fifteen and you can apply for the free public health service.
  • There are only about 4,000 prisoners in Norway, this means the crime rates are really low.
  • High quality education is the best of all.
  • Great culture to experience.
  • Climate is so nice that you will almost fall in love.
  • Banking in Norway is easy and reliable.
  • Public transportation in Norway is the perfect transportation system while considering with the other systems around the world ,Its all on time.

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