Assassin’s creed origins

Recently, I purchased a copy of Assassin’s creed origins. I have played many Ubisoft games like Watch dogs, Tom clancy’s: Ghost recon wildlands and Far cry 4. I never played any Assassin’s creed game and I had many expectations for Assassin’s creed origins considering the hype that Ubisoft did for this game.

I must say that after playing the game, I felt awesome. The beautiful draw distances and the textures and lighting affects are insanely good. The major story line is good and the side missions can get a little repetitive after sometime. You cannot expect the immersion of a game like Witcher 3 or Skyrim but the time you play this game, you will not regret it.Assassin’s Creed Origins delivers at least 30 hours of gameplay if you stick to the story and enough of the side quests to help you level up along the way. There’s plenty in the game to keep you occupied well beyond that mark, and it’s a testament to the game’s design that the game world provides a legitimate and tempting distraction to what’s an intriguing and exciting story in its own right.

Without spoiling too much, you play as a protagonist Bayek who son is killed by a mysterious organization and you are married to a women called Aya. The game is set in ancient Egypt and there are many places to explore and tons of side quests and location objectives. As a standard Ubisoft game you have towers called as Synchronization points. You also have your eagle companion Senu and she is very helpful in scouring enemies from above or harassing them. The skill system in this game is very good, you get one ability point after leveling up and there are three different types of skills in which you can invest these ability points.The notably strong XP-based RPG progression elements are what make Origins addictive on a new level. Assassin’s Creed has let you unlock and upgrade abilities for a while now, but Origins does it in a way that enables multiple creative options that can cater to your playstyle, rather than just things that you’ll pick arbitrarily. If you want to approach missions stealthily, there are abilities that give you bonuses for stealth kills, ones that let you control arrows in the air after you’ve fired them for more precise headshots, and ones that let you visually predict the path an enemy will walk on. If subtlety isn’t your thing, there are options that make you a beast in melee combat, others that increase the amount of money you get from looting, and some that mostly just look cool (like activating slow-mo if you’re mid-air with your bow out). In the earlier stages, there are some plainly obvious picks, but I think most people will end up with very different sets of abilities by the end of the main story.

The company is trying to extend the life of the game by adding content like Trails of the gods and daily quests.The Trails of the gods is for players who have completed the game and reached maximum level. You get different types of loots if you complete these challenges.

This is the gameplay of Assassin’s Creed Origins :


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