How to lose weight

How to lose weight and gain yourself.

In the beginning, God created heavens and the earth, and created humans in his/her image, and allowed them to eat everything. Therefore, human started eating whatever they could and gradually started gaining weight. Time came when the image between God and humans became very distinguishable from each other. Therefore, God sent them to do hard labour to a gym we now call as Earth, so that their life style becomes more active rather than the sedentary life style they were used to, which was making them Obese. Well this story is from the Bible of health.

Why do we gain weight?

There are many reasons due to which we can gain weight. The main reason behind it is not laziness or eating as most of you might have thought. In most of the cases, you might have observed that people who eat more are slim and people who eat less as compared to the former are over weighted. You might have wondered, what actually might be the reason behind this? Well the reason behind this is that some people are metabolically blessed and some are not.

One of the main reason of gaining weight is our metabolism. In simple terms metabolism is the chemical reaction that occur in our body to utilize our food and conversion in to energy. The Stronger the metabolism the better is the utilization of food by the cells and therefore, more energy is gained and utilised by the body. Whereas due to lower metabolic rates in an individual the food will not be adequately utilized by the cells in the body as it should have been. This

improper utilization of food will convert the food in to fats and promote its deposition in to the adipose tissues.

Eve blamed the serpent –

We all know that Eve blamed the serpent. So shall we blame everything on our metabolism?? Nevertheless, Metabolism play a very important role but the other major causes that contributes to our weight gain are-

  1. Sedentary life style
  2. Over eating or eating junk foods
  3. Sleep deprivation
  4. Stress
  5. Psychological eating disorders
  6. Pathological conditions

 How to lose weight?

Now, let us try to hit the bull’s eye or focus on the methods by which we can reduce our excess weight and become more and more healthy each day. One fact that we should remember that a normal individual could lose up to 10% of their body weight in a month. So, if you are of 80 kg now in next month you would be able to lose a maximum of 8 kg and gain a maximum of 100% confidence

7 Steps plan-

I have developed a 7 steps plan for reducing weight and it has worked on many very effectively.

        Step I- Walking

This is the most important way of exercising especially when you are overweight. Walking on grounds or on actual roads is much better than walking on trade mills. Walking helps to increase our metabolism and helps in digestion. Few important things you should know than could help you lose weight by walking are-

  •   Walk a minimum of 100 steps after each meals. When you try this, you would be surprised to know that 100 steps are nothing it is just like walking 4-5 times in a room. This activity will also aid in digestion.
  • Walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day and you will start noticing the changes in your body. With the help of smart phones, there are number of apps that can help you count your steps.
  •  If you can power walk you can power reduce your weight, if not no problem.

    Step 2- Eat less Carbohydrates

  • Insulin is the hormone that helps us to metabolize sugar (Carbohydrates), therefore more sugar means more insulin secretion in the body and thereby more conversion of sugar from the blood in to fat. The food items that contains more carbs are grains, beans, starch rich vegetables such as potatoes, surgery drink and so on.

     Step 3- Increase Protein intake

  • Lower carbs consumption should be supplemented by replacing it with protein in the diet. It does not mean that we have to take more protein. We need to replace the lack of carbs by protein consumption. Our body uses more energy to utilize protein than carbs, which in turn will help in losing the weight. Protein also give us a feeling of fullness after eating thereby stopping us to consume more food than required.

     Step -4 Sleeping

  • This is by far the best exercise that we can do to reduce weightAn adequate sleep of 8 hours that is 1/3rd of our total day will help us to relax and recharge ourselves each day. A sound sleep of 8 hours has shown to increase metabolism rates as well. When we don’t sleep for the required hours (which we usually do) the body tends to go in to stress. The body releases cortisol hormones triggered by stress and this hormone in turn causes increase in the appetite.

“The more you are awake the more you will eat.”

Nevertheless, sleeping more than required hours is also very harmful and it comes with many side effects. We all know the problems faced by sleeping beauty and Kumbhkaran.

     Step -5 Meditation or Yoga

  • Just 10-15 minutes of stress reliving yoga has shown great positive effects on our body. Simple OM Chanting or Brahmi can relive stress to a remarkable level.

   Step – 6 Drink adequate water


  • Drink adequate amount of water. Never drink water unnecessarily to fill your stomach thinking that you would eat less after that. Water is not stored in the stomach; it is passed down to colon where it get absorbed. An average adult can required 3 litres of water per day depending on the weather conditions. Drinking more water than required will cause an increase in the load on your kidneys.

Recent studies have shown that drinking cold water has shown to increase metabolism in the body as body tries to generate heat to bring the water to normal body temperature.

     Step – 7 Ssssuuuushh…Don’t tell anyone.

  • Don’t tell anyone that you are trying to reduce weight. Friends and people in our family usually make fun of us when we try to reduce. This would bring your confidence level and enthusiasm down. Let them figure out themselves.

Dear friends these are very easy to do 7 steps plan that would help you reduce weight without losing your charm and glow that you have now. The steps works slowly but believe you me. It will not put you on pressure, or irritation due to starving or strenuous exercises.

written by : Ashish Noel

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