How to plan a Trip ?

Tips before traveling to a particular country.


When it comes to travelling these days’ people find it a hassle as to how to go about it. In order to avoid this hassle here are my important tips of traveling.


To start with,

1) Research about the country where you want to visit.

It is very important to research about a particular place, this is because you don’t want to visit a place where you get confused as to how you are going to spend your time and money. I feel tourists should have a feel about the country’s culture and what is it that makes it a unique place for tourists to visit. Things tourists need to be very carful about, places to avoid, and what are the things, which should and shouldn’t do when in a foreign country. The must see tourist attractions of a particular country is a must in every bucket list so that they don’t forget to visit those places. Research about the good hotels to stay in, most important is that people should read the reviews of other people having an experience of staying in that hotel. By reading reviews, people are likely to make the decision of which hotel is going to offer them a great value during their stay.


2) Compare prices of different airlines.

I feel the biggest restriction of traveling to a country is the airfare. In my opinion, its is very important to plan your trips in advance because I feel you could get better deals and have not regret any of the decisions you have made. There are certain sites where you can search for the airfares such as sky scanner where you can compare the prices of airfares of different airlines.



 3) Climate

When traveling to a particular country it is very important to research about the climate because this will be able to avoid confusion as to how to go about packing my suitcase and what are things I should leave behind. For example, traveling to Scotland during the month of October – December, it is very important to carry a two pairs of boots, one for trekking in the highlands and rain boots. This is because it rains everyday and you need the right equipment to support yourself. Sweaters are very important for the warmth of the body, scarf to protect your neck and a waterproof jacket and Hoddles when the climate is at a moderate temperature, which happens during the summers and spring. Last but not the least, hand gloves is an essential wear because during the winters the temperature is about 1 degress which is extremely cold and you don’t want your hands to become numb and weak.


4) Be more open to trying and discovering different cuisines

The problem with some of the tourists is that they prepare meals from home and they take it with them to the destination. In my opinion, it is great opportunities in terms of saving money on food however it is a disadvantage on you not trying the local cuisine. I feel the satisfaction that you inherit from trying different cuisine is unreal and unconditional because the dishes provided to you has its certain style, distinctive flavors that you as a tourist have never come across.


5) Visas

The last one is Visas. Being a resident in Dubai, if you want to travel to a country in the European Union I think the best place to apply for the Visa is in Wafi Mall. In terms of the service, they are very quick and efficient and the customer service is just wonderful and they are very helpful when you have quarries.

Remember : Please apply early.


Now Packup and Leave.


Written by : Joydeep Singh

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