How to Start a Blog

How to start a blog ? , well its a question of many and here’s the answer !

Today we have put all together to keep you updated with the topic, how to start a blog in just few minutes and how to monetize your blog as well. There are a few things you should consider while you get started with the idea of starting a blog of your own.

Here is what you need to start your blog.

1.Find a perfect domain name – For example our site Loopgeeksyou must get a perfect domain name that matches your site content, say for example Loopgeeks (which mean a circular loop of technologies) which matches the content in our blog. If you want to make a blog with sports contents you should look forward for a domain name which suits your sports blog.

2.Buy Domain – After you are done with getting a perfect domain name , get your credit card ready to buy the domain name. We recommend you to get the domain from Godaddy they have got the lowest price a little over just 99rs / $2 for year.This depends on your domain name there are some domain names with are premium and costs of thousands. We recommend you to get a 2 year or more plan , because when you get a domain for the first time it cost you about only a dollar or 2 buy when you have to renew it it cost you like $10 to $20 or even more, so go for a higher plan than to stick on to the 1 year plan.

3. Get a HostingAfter we are done with the purchase of domain we need to get a hosting. Hosting is where your domain get settled and all you contents get saved, it getting a private server for your site.Hosting can be of shared server and private server.When you go for a low hosting it would probably be a shared hosting. Hosting can be of different rates according to the different types starting from Starter Pack to Ultimate (depends on your region ), You can get the hosting done from Godaddy itself . As you are just getting started up you just need a low end hosting type, and later can be upgraded.

4. Getting a Platform – After you are done with the purchase of domain and hosting you need to get a platform for settling your contents, we use WordPress as our platform, WordPress is easy to use and can be done by anyone , you dont really have to know about coding and all. Next is to setup your Cpanel and then click on WordPress , wait till it get installed ,after its done login with WordPress and you can start building your page.

5. Building the blog –  Now you need to make the blog site creative, you can use page builder that you get free over for a month when you purchase the domain from godaddy or you can go with the WordPress with is a lot better and easier than other platforms.After you are done with making of blog ,now you can start adding your contents.

6. Now your all set to work !

How to Monetize your blog site ?

This is a question of many , how to ?

well here’s the answer !

Using Adsense

You can use Adsense to Monetize your blog , Well there are more site like Adsense for example Propeller Ads ,Taboola etc

We highly recommend going over for the Google Adsense ,It is hard to get Adsense approved on to your site and its even harder to keep it on your site.

To get approved you need to have a bit of things on your site

  • Should have minimum visitors of 30 or above per day.
  • Should have minimum content of 25.
  • Should not use any copyright contents of other site , cause you can even get a permanent ban from adsense or your site won’t be approved.
  • After it get approved try not to keep a lot of ads on the homepage cause visitors can fell you site as a Spam site, Try to keep the ads in contents and on side ( slidebar ).
  • Try not to use any other ads site rather than Adsense, cause Adsense doesn’t like it.

After your site gets approved you will be notified by a mail form Adsense

After you receive the mail, click on get started and you can start posting ads on to your site.
And Start earning .Keep in mind that earning with Adsense is not a easy job it requires a lot of hardwork and effort.

Written by : Jeevan Joy


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