Steps to be taken when you get hospitalized

Let us talk about Hospital

We all want discharge as soon as we are admitted to the hospital. In this blog, I will take you to basic ethics and preparation that we should have during hospitalization. We all come across many problems when unfortunately due to some reasons we have to get admitted to the hospital. They say it is like home but it has many challenges. The hospital authority all over the world is trying to make hospital as comfortable as home, let us hope one day get successful in that. So like it or not but hospitals are the safest place for your body when you need support to maintain a sound health. Few points that we should fallow to be a patience patient are :-

1. The Preparation-

The whole family is shaken when someone in the family is hospitalized. Someone in the family will take charge for arrangement of things that you need to take to hospital. When you are single and alone that someone is your nearest friend who will skip his/her busy schedule and take leaves for you. Trust me it is one of the best times to know who your actual friend is. The articles that might help us during our stay could be-

  • Towel- Pack your own towel unless contraindicated.
  • Hand sanitizer- The hospital may look clean but it’s actually not. A handsanitizer if very helpful to prevent you from further the infections.
  • Water Bottles – Always use your water bottle or packed water insidehospitals.
  • Tissue papers- Tissue papers are very useful in many ways, here I wouldlike to specify a unique function and that is handling of toilet taps or answerlandline calls on hospital phones (Too much isn’t it ?? Sorry)
  • Newspapers – Excellent medium to use as a cover, spread sheet or wrappingagent.
  • Soaps – most of the hospital will offer you soap but it’s good to be prepared.
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body Lotion- Coz you need them
  • Paste
  • Brush
  • Floss
  • Mouth wash- very important as you are on medication and you would have dry mouth which might be unpleasant.
  • Vaseline
  • Sleepers
  • A pair of small scissors
  • Shaving kit- Trimmer, shaving gel etcetera.
  • Plates, spoon, fork, knife and bowls
  •  Little sugar and salt packets
  • Mobile charger and power bank
  • Personal thermometer
  • Night wears and clothes and undergarments

2. The Hospital is not Hotel –
It is a fault in our part. When we take private rooms we tend to forget the fact that it’s a hospital and not a hotel. Therefore, if you want to be a generous and thank the hospital staff for the care that they have provided you the following points might be helpful

  • Never lock the room door from inside unless required and necessary- Let the door be open even during night so that the hospital staffs can easily come and go.
  • Always call the staffs with dignity. Treat them very respectfully, do not misunderstood them with the hotel staffs. Always remember they have studied hard and are working hard to help you recover or fight a disease or disorder.
  • Communicate in a friendly manner it will make it easy for them to understand your condition.
  • When delay have patience as someone else might be in need of care more than yours.
  • It’s good to address health care provider ( Doctors or Nurses) as Sir or Mam if you cannot call them by their name (respectfully)
  • Keep the room quite as much as possible but not make it gloomy.
  1. Know your rights-
    As a patient/ client you also have rights and it is good for you to know them.

    • Right to be treated equally – No discrimination against your cast, sex creedetcetera
    • Right to Confidentiality- Your confidentiality is of most important foryourself as a human being and it is your right to demand for it.
    • Right to deny- You have all the rights to deny your treatment or therapy.Try not to.
    • Right to be respected- Many times due to some diseases hospital staffs mighttreat you the way an individual should not be treated. In such case try toescalate the matter to higher authorities and even human rights commission.
    • Right to cleanliness – You have all the rights to demand for cleanliness ofyour room/ bed or wards as cleanliness is a fundamental right.
    • Right to Privacy- Many times your body might be exposed eg: while taking X-rays, physical examinations etcetera you can demand privacy of not beingexposed to other personals of patients.
    • Right to be cheerful and positive.
  2. Ask your doctors- Be compliant towards your treatment and be aware of the details of your treatment. DO NOT GOOGLE. Ask your doctors and nurses about your treatment regime and prognosis do not google and try to find out by yourself. You can find n number of things in google, which might even be irrelevant to the truth.
  3. If you are a health personal, and you are admitted, try not to indulge in the treatment unless it is causing a danger to you of your family members.
  4. Greet the Staffs- This act will open many doors for your communication because of which it would be easy for you to explain about your symptoms, which in turn will help in your diagnosis and treatment.
  5. Keep your room/ bed clean- try to keep your surrounding as much as possible

8. If not under medical claim, try to calculate all your expenses in you treatment daily. This will help you to manage your funds and surprises of expenses. When under medical claim keep all the receipt and documents safe preferably under a separate folder so that you can claim for the refund easily.

Written by : Ashish Noel


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