A Trip To Fargo Village

A Trip To Fargo Village – Coventry

Fargo Village – Coventry 

I don’t remember when was the last time I had been to a place where there was a flow of art and delicious vegan food. It’s amazing.

Bamboo Street Food

I am doing an internship for a start up company called Bamboo Street Food where my role in the company is a Social Media Intern. Bamboo Street food was apart of the event that led to me going to the event. Having food from Bamboo Street food makes me very happy, their unique taste, fresh juice and big portions takes me to a different zone of eating food. People who are interested in trying something new, I think Bamboo Street is the place to be.

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Showcase of talent

The excitement for Christmas in the UK starts very early on. People showcasing their talent in the event, not just makes me inspired but also take art to another direction. Talent such as art galleries, handmade bracelets, necklaces, different types of coffee, different types of cheese, different flavored jelly, handbags. By seeing this, it enables me to try and think of ideas where I can offer something new to the table.

Graffiti art everywhere


This was my experience in Fargo Village. I had a wonderful time in this event by discovering amazing vegan food, amazing art and the amazing energy they had to offer. Being a non vegan, I really enjoyed having vegan food and it is a place where I can go again.

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